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DVD- R..... ??????

joanb asked
hi, il' not sure what category this belongs in but...
we've have a apple G4 computer with a DVD Burner, we have just learned that there is two type of DRD-R blank media (disks), DVD-R General Purpose and DVD-R Authoring,

Could someone please explain what the difference is between these two types of discs ??  don't make the answer to technical,

is one type of disc better than the other
also, is either one re-writeable ??
is one only suited for data and the other only for video
also what is DVD-Ram and when would it be used ???

we would appreciate as much info regarding as possible

thanks, joan
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Here is some info that may be useful, especially the CDROM Ffaq.

The below link has listings and superb information concerning CD-R and CD-RW's:
                     (Make sure to double-click the brand-name for indepth information.

                     This one includes such stuff as media, software, (section on CD-Writers):
My Computer, choose Properties.
                  Click the Device Manager tab, then the + sign next to CD-ROM.  Double click your CD burner on that     list, then go to Advanced options.  Uncheck the box labeled "Auto-insert notification".

multisession sessions on CD

I hope this helps !
DVD-R Authoring are generally used for movies and other types of visual media. General purpose is for data storage, backups etc. Theyre not THAT different because with most DVD-R drives you can use either for different purposes.

A DVD-RAM drive takes those bulky DVD cartridges. They are brittle and are not playable in a traditional DVD player. They can only be read by a DVD-RAM drive.
The complete answer, from Pioneer's viewpoint is available at this URL:


What they give at that site is the history of the two types of DVD-R media, as well as an explanation of why.  The two types of media are written by two different types of lasers; therefore, with a given DVD-R recorder, you don't have a choice:  you can use whatever type it was designed for -- General (650nm wavelength) or Authoring (635nm wavelength) (that is not to say that you couldn't have both types in one recorder, but it would be an even more expensive drive - many thousands of dollars).  Generally speaking, if you have a consumer DVD-R (that is, you paid less than several thousand dollars for it), then you can only use "General" media.  Your Apple G-4 probably came with a Pioneer DVR-A03.  If that's your drive, then you must use "General" media.

The "Authoring" media are for professional applications and has been used for several years (copying CT scans for medical applications, for example).  The "General" media are designed for the consumer market and contain content protection measures that make it physically impossible to make bit-for-bit copies of CSS encrypted entertainment titles.

I hope this helps to clear it up.  Bottom line is, don't buy the wrong type of media for your drive.  You probably need "General."

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