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outlook problem with calendar container in two different languages

McRight asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-05-05

i have a problem in an exchange (5.5) mailbox of a user that is created to share the associated calendar, which we use to deal with holidays of personnel staff.
At some clients (all clients are outlook 2000), we can call the calendar (all data is visible) and at other we can't (we get an empty calendar).
It has nothing to do with permission because when i openened the mailbox through exchange properties of opening a second mailbox i noticed i have 2 containers for calendar, one 'calendar' and the other one : 'agenda' (which is dutch for calendar).
Default calendar is openened, but 'agenda' contains the data.
Yes we have mixed versions of outlook in the company, depending on the installed operating system, the server is nt 4.0 english exchange 5.5.
My main question is how i can easily solve the problem ?
Can i transfer the agenda items to calendar somehow ?
My second question is how this can be prevented in future ?
Thanks for spending your time reading such a long question -) .....
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Not sure if I understand the problem. Could you please re-phrase??


the main problem is that the 'calendar' container is translated to 'agenda' (dutch version of calendar) and i'm having 2 calendar containers in my mailbox.
so what i did was creating a new mailbox, which is not ****ed up and now i try to copy those items out of the first one to the second one.
is it possible to copy those items to another mailbox ?


the calendar container is created on the name of language version of the outlook client : so 'calendar' for english versions and 'agenda' for dutch clients. Appearently, for some reason, the mailbox of that user had all calendar items in a copy of the original container.
So i created a new account and before even accessing that account, i copied all items from the first one to the second one.
The point is when you access the mailbox for the first time the calendar container is immediately recreated.
Hope you understood something of my question and something from my answer.
Because you were the only one that reacted, you deserve at least the points.

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