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Looking for SSH2 server since Anonymizer now sucks!

loincloth asked
I used to use Anonymizer.com's secure tunneling service which allowed me to do port forwarding through their web, email, and news servers (among other things).But they have dropped their own news server and are forwarding their paying customers to open news servers This means, of course, that one can't even get into a server or, if one does get in, it's got about 27 groups from which to choose.

So now I look for an alternative. I am basically clueless on how SSH works, but I do know how to set-up SecureCRT to do the port forwarding that I am interested in. I am on a solo pc (not networked), I have win98se, dsl modem, P3 866mhz, 256Mb.

Any leads on relatively inexpensive servers/services would be appreciated.

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hey ,

visit this site gives you the free SSH/Telnet client to connect your SSH server .


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