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DNS (BIND): How to create intranet tld extensions?

Haho asked

I am trying to r&d creating a new top level domain extension (eg. .office, .finance) for my company's internal/intranet use. In essence, my company's internal DNS will be the "root zone name servers" for these tlds.
It won't be able to resolve in the internet, of course. :)

How can I add a tld to my BIND DNS? What changes should I make to "named.conf", "db.xxxx", other files?
Please advice on the details


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  Probably you are a little bit confused..., you do not need to create a root server in you company. A simple DNS server will be enough.
  Basicly you need to add a zone entry in your /etc/named.conf file (in case of BIND 8 or 9), something like this:

zone "you.office" {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/pz/you.office";

In addition you will need to configure your /var/named/pz/you.office file. If you have problem with this file please let me know. In internet you will find a lot of examples.

Then, send a HUP signal to bind (killall -HUP named)

You will need to point the DNS configuration you DNS server IP address.