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Win2k Pro-NTFS and FAT32

GreatOne asked
I recently took my laptop (running Win98) and created a second primary partition to install Win2k. During the install it asked if i wanted to convert to NTFS which I did. Well now when I boot up to the Win2k OS, my hard drive literally spins for 5 mins before stopping. (this is before I even login). On another machine, where I didn't convert the Win2k to NTFS (left as FAT32) I don't have this problem. Both machines have the latest service packs loaded. I meet all the requirements to run WIN2k and even confirmed with the computer company.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

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NTFS does have more system files, logs etc., and bootup might take a little longer. However, what you describe is probably something else.

* Have you checked the drive integrity? CHKDSK C: /F may help.

* Have you defragmented the drive?

* Are you low on memory, and/or is your pagefile fragmented or inappropriate in size?

* NTFS requires at least about 15% of free space to operate efficiently. Make sure that you have enough spare hard drive space all the time when workin with NTFS.

* Do you run services in the background? Just before login, services are started, like IIS, Indexing Service etc. - maybe one of these is "trashing" your disk on startup.

* How well does the notebook perform AFTER login? Do you feel that the disk performance is bad or is it ok?


After noticing the trashing, i did a chkdsk, defragged, and stop any services that I didn't need. Both machines have plenty of free disk space.

The performance of the notebook after login is fine. I don't notice any decrease or slowness. I am just concerned about the hard drvie "thrashing" much.
In this case I wouldn't worry too much about it. Use the hibernation mode more instead of shutting Windows 2000 down, this will already make the usual "startup" time much shorter.
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I would also do a thorough hard drive diagnostics just in case. It could be the drive is flakey !

I hope this helps !

SysExpert, this is not a bad idea.

However, I believe that if there was a physical problem he would very probably have noticed it already during normal operation (sluggisch disk access and/or errors).
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Have you made progress here, GreatOne?  I'm working with you on another question, and am wandering through all your open questions to see if they are related.

It helps you get what you need when you remain active in all your open questions and provide ongoing feedback to the expert who help you.


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