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back and forward buttons and how to print

besuti8 asked
hi there,

i'm using dreamweaver 4. i've created a frameset with left and top frames.

on the top frame i want to create back and forward buttons. i think i have to use javasript which i've got the code for, but i'm a bit confused with the frames bit. could you tell me how to target the main frame when clicking on each buttons?

thank you
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just use the history.back(), and history.forward() commands. It will take you back or forward a page. As far as I know you don't need to target a frame.

I use this on my web site as well and have no problems


BTW i have never done the print page one


thanks for that.

i'll try it.

<p><p><input type="button" onClick="javascript:parent.main.history.back()" value="Back"></p>

<p><p><input type="button" onClick="javascript:parent.main.history.forward()" value="Forward"></p>

<p><input type="button" onClick="javascript:parent.main.focus();parent.main.print()" value="Print"</p>

main is the bottom frame name.

Good Luck...:)
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