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remove cluster index.

I want to remove cluster index from a table. However, it seem like I have to remove all the data only then I can remove the cluster index from that table. is there any better way. thanks.
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Do you get a error message when  you try to drop it?  If so the only thing I can think of right now is for you to make a copy of the table.  When you make a copy of the table, no indexes are created.
Nothing to stop you dropping a clustered index.
It will rebuild all the other indexes as they refer to the clustered index - maybe you are getting a problem with that - could drop all the other indexes first then add them.

If the clustered index is a primary key and referred to by foreign keys then that would stop you.


drop index tblname.indexname

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It really does sound like a Foreign Key issue.  Issue:
EXEC sp_fkeys 'table_name'

to check for foreign key(s) on the main table and any tables that may be related.  If you find a relationship based on the clustered key columns you are trying to remove, you can temporarily disable those constraints via:
ALTER TABLE table_name NOCHECK CONSTRAINT constraint_name

Then, after putting the column back, you can reverse it bys issuing:
provided you used the same column name.  Otherwise, you'll have to DROP and (re)CREATE the constraint.
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