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EXE Application

ribrahimm asked
Dear All,,
Thank you very much for your information,,

I was created a program with Visual Basic, then when the programe finished I build it and make it EXE file, and I delete my original Code.

If there is any way to restore my code.

Please help me,

Thank you and best regards,,
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What version of VB are we talking about here? VB1-4 compiled to something called p-code, I know there are some decompilers available for these although I have never personally tried any of them. If you made the program in VB5 and VB6 there is however no way to get the code. You can only decompile to assembler code, but I don't think that will help you much.

As Vbmaster said if you are using any of the 32bit versions of VB then there is no way. You can find 3rd party products to convert the exe into assembler but that is all.

It wasn't a very good idea to delete you code.


Instead of trying to decompile your code, I think you can try to undelete the files.  There are some third party tools which might help you (but not always) to recover your lost files.

Hello ribrahimm !

There is no way restoring the original code !

1. When you compile your code the comments are ignored
2. There are different code which when compiled are leading to the same p-code.
3. Decomilers for vb1-4 will generate only one possible code from your p-code.

As said:

If your code was compiled with vb1-4 you can get 'some' code with the existing decompilers (look in www).

If your exe was generated with vb5,vb6,.. you have no chance. I hope the app wasn't very complex or extensive.


It's good that you can't get the source from an exe:
It would be impossible to protect your code from illegitimate usage.


I guess there is now way to get the code.
There are decompliers but they will not give you desired result.

If the application is not very huge or Complicated ... then try to make it again.


Oh my God
Why EE CS still didn't remove this "Answer" option???
Hey mihirl
why should you provide a guess as answer. What you put is a pure simple comment that too previously lot of experts are given. Have you find any new ideas from your ANSWER. Let we will give chance to questioner to choose best answer.
ribrahimm what version of VB you are having. If it is lesser that 4 you have some little bit chance. I have commented recently to a same kind question. I am pasting the same.
It must be very diffucut, some decomipler are available, but works only with vb 3.0 anyway just try
this links





Best Luck

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Community Support Moderator @ Experts Exchange
Depending upon how long ago you deleted the source code there is a good chance you can get them back. If you go to download.com and search for a program called GetDataBack NTFS or FAT these should help you. I have used both of these on HDD’s that I get given from time to time to retrieve data from after they have been corrupted. In certain instances I have retrieved files and whole directories that were deleted 6 months previously. Just be warned that the program might take some time to get a good view on what data is secretly hidden upon it.
I have rejected the Proposed Answer in the hopes that the Asker will return to complete this collaboration effort and award those who have helped resolve this question.

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Moondancer - EE Moderator
There is no way to retrieve the source from vb 32 bit exe's
As stated
Hes, I never said there was a way to retreive any code from a 32bit exe. I mearly pointed out that if you use the programs I mentioned above you might be able to retreive the original files that VB creates if you still have the same HDD.

Download them yourself and let them run on your machine... You might be surprised how much data they'll recover for you and from how long ago you thought you'd "permanently" deleted it.

PLEASE guide me here.  A "C" grade says to me that the response was not acceptable (it is the lowest grade we have here); and I'd like to make an adjustment here that is fair and correct since this item has now moved to our PAQ where others will access it.  Also, there are some considerations here in terms of who said what first and alternatives proposed.

I will return in about two hours and hope that you can help me to unravel and fix this question thread.

Thank you all for helping me understand the fair and right outcome here.

Moondancer - EE Moderator
No idea who should get the points as ribrahimm hasn't added any comments of his own. If for example he used an older version of VB then there is a possibility he could decompile it a little (or at least enough for him to re-create the program), if this is the case sridhar_PJ seems to have provided the most useful information.

If it is a 32bit app and getting the source from the exe isn't possible, the only other options were to say no you can't or use a 3rd party app to try and retrieve deleted data.

If "no" is the answer then that's not very helpful at all and the points should go to someone trying to bring a little comedy to EE (nahumd: "It wasn't a very good idea to delete you code"), if suggesting a 3rd party app is an accepted answer then riaz9 did originally suggest this (all I did was offer a little more detail and suggest a program to use from my experiences).

Either way who ever gets the points it would have been nice to hear from ribrahimm to see how he got on.
Thank you, craigewens.

--> ribrahimm ... Please give me a clue here as to why you chose a "C" grade and let the experts here know where you are in this process.  Were you helped?  Did you find a solution outside of this question?  

We appreciate that you returned and finalized this question but all would like to know more about the progress you made here and who helped you get there, etc.

Listening fruther.

Moondancer - EE Moderator
Still no response from Asker, so have changed the grade and will return in a couple of days to see what additional information is posted.  If a point split is fair, let me know.
Moondancer - EE Moderator

I did not mean my comment to be taken in the wrong way by you. It is just that the question was origionally asked on 09/30/2001 it is now 4/15/2002 7 months later. The odds of recovering any deleted data off the hard drive is close to zero after this amount of time.
Hello ribrahimm,
Can you come out....
and please comment on this issue.
Moon, this is closed.

No comments from questioner, your ruling stands.  This is after review.


E-E Moderator

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