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Oracle database fail to mount...

sparkel asked
I installed Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition on win 2000 professional.Installed fine.I restarted the system. my global database name is "abc".
When I tried to make client service and tested, it says "Oracle not Found". I checked the services of win 2000, yess the "oracleserviceabc ORACLE.EXE" didnt started(failed to start),I tried to start it manually it says "Error 1053: The service didnt respond to the start or contrrol request in a timely fashion."
Then I try mounting the database from Oracle DBA Studio....Instance/Database/open ......It tries to mount the database and shows the error -->" ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters."  ...So no way i can find to mount the database and work on it.....any idea, how can I resolve this problem, what parameter setting change can make it work??

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Try downloading the patch from Oracle. There is a bug for Oracle 8i in Windows 2000. Refer to this URL:


No, I cant start the database manually, didnt i wrote the error while i try starting it manually. so no case of the url u mentioned.


No, I cant start the database manually, didnt i wrote the error while i try starting it manually. so no case of the url u mentioned.

Did you change any setting in your init.ora file?? Any slight mistakes in the file could cause the database not to start in either manual or automatic.

The other thing that might cause is your shared shared_pool_reserved_size. The value for this must be about 10% of the value for the shared_pool_size.
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I met such case by using Oracle products. After installing another Oracle product some of the previous installed Oracle products did not start. The reason was that the new installed Oracle products change the order of executables in the PATH environment variable. Try to place all executables and dll's Oracle server uses in the beginning of the PATH environment variable.

Hi Asim,

can U plz provide here in short terms the steps U have performed when U create the database 'abc'. The probably we can find out were is the error. Easy way to look why the database cannot be mounted is to look for alert.log file. Location of this file depends how U have installed the Oracle and how U have create the database. I expect that U find this file on %ORACLE_HOME%/admin/"instance_name"/bdump so in your case could be on %ORACLE_HOME%/admin/abc/bdump. Or just look inside the folder %ORACLE_HOME%/database/initabc.ora for the initialization parameter file and try to search for entry "background_dump_dest". Oracle default location is %ORACLE_HOME%\RDBMS\trace so try looking there too.

wait for your response,

best regards,
Marius Nicoras
Database Administrator
Try using SQL*Plus ("sqlplus", not "sqlplusw") or server manager ("svrmgrl") from a DOS prompt to start the database.  That may give you a more explicit error message, indicating exactly which parameter the database does not like.
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