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Windows XP Floppy refreshing

mfteal asked
I'm using XP RC1 (build 2505). Whenever I open explorer or anything that causes windows to refresh the drives, it searches my floppy drive for a few seconds each and every time and it' really annoying !!! Is there any way that I can stop this????

Thanks in advance for any help
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Go into BIOS and disable 'Boot floppy seek' and you can also change boot order there.

Other possibilities:

Virus program set to scan at boot
Recent documents: Right click task bar propties |  advanced | clear.


Thanks very much. I tried these but the problem still occurs.

Interstingly enough, if I choose Windows Explorer from Start/Programs/Accessories/ Windows Explorer the problem doesn't occur. If I right-click the start menu and choose Open All for example it does.
mfteal, Are you upgrade XP RC1 from previous version of Windows? What is your previous version of Windows?


I upgraded from Windows 2000 SP2, with whatever current pre-SP3 hotfixes there were as at Monday last week.

Since you upgraded it from previous Win2000 Pro, the problem may be related to your previous environment.
I've inspected in a clean environment and there is no such effect.

Therefore, I would like to recommend the following diagnosis procedure for you to take a trial.

(1) Inspect if the floppy drive has been locked under the operating system of WinXP.
    Windows has a function it will remember your last accessed file in the removable drive/floppy disk.
    If you remove the floppy disk after accessment of the file in the floppy without going back to the hard disk, Windows will lock the floppy drive for further access unless you've put back that last accessed floppy back to the drive.
    It is suggested to unlock it by: -
(a) Open windows explorer or My Computer or Start-right click-open all.
     Put back your last accessed floppy disk back to the floppy drive. Refresh the windows explorer, go to expand the floppy disk and let windows to access it once again. Then shrink and put back the mouse pointer back to C drive. Then close windows explorer or My Computer.
     Restart the computer twice.

     If the option for [x] remember each folder setting is being enabled, press and hold the CTRL and click the close button icon of the Explorer. It will make the system to reset all.  

(2) If you cannot find out which one of the floppy diskette was last accessed, you can go to
     Start- run, type "sendto" without quotation mark and OK.
     Remove the Sendto floppy A shortcut.

(3) Have you tried to move back the File and folders by the File and Folder Transfer Wizard of your previous user setting?
     Some active pif using A:\command or *.lnk pointing to the A drive is still active.
(4) Inspect the search settings for Files and folders. Removed all preset settings by checked, restart and unchecked again, restart.
     Disable the option for [ ] Search Tape backup in search engine.

(5) In case, you may try to remove the floppy controller and floppy drive by "Uninstall", without restart and      then Action-Scan for hardware changes.
     WinXp will reinstall them.
See if any helps and let me know how you made it out.

Patricia / pslh    

< See you later as I'm going to have our Chinese Mid Autumn Festival family celebration dinner.    ;)    >

Hope to hear some good news soon, too.  


Thanks very much for your detailed answer. Number 5 was the winner :-)
mfteal, It's nice to hear the good news that you're up and running. Thanks for your feedback that helped me in updating my resolution database.  ;o)


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