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SNMP OID's for Cisco 19/29/3500's

adam923 asked
In a telnet session to a Cisco Catalyst 2924XL switch
I can issue the following command:
show mac-address-table interface fastethernet 0/3
to find out the mac address and VLAN of the network card on the computer attached to this switch on port 3.  I'm looking for the appropriate OID's so that I can obtain the same information via SNMP.  Ideally, this would work for 1900's (A and EN varieties), 2900's, and 3500's.

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. will get you ipNetToMediaPhysAddress.
. willget you the media address for port 12, etc.


I get "no such instance" responses for each of these oid's
I am running 12.0(5.1)XP on a 2924EN. If I do snmpwalk on . here is what I get:

ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaPhysAddress. : OCTET STRING-   (hex): length = 6
     0:  00 01 30 20 6a 00 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --     ..0 j...........

ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaPhysAddress. : OCTET STRING-   (hex): length = 6
     0:  00 02 16 47 fa 60 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --     ...G.`..........

ip.ipNetToMediaTable.ipNetToMediaEntry.ipNetToMediaPhysAddress. : OCTET STRING-   (hex): length = 6
     0:  00 01 96 26 fd 80 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --     ...&............

That is the arp table for the switch.

Additionally, if you do snmpwalk to the switch without arguments, the switch will respond with EVERY translated OID that it responds to. You can sort out what you are looking for from there.
Thank you,
EE Moderator


Unfortunately I can't check out right now.  Due to the recently discovered SNMP vulnerabilities we have turned off SNMP on all switches.
Nearly 5 months later, and help given.  Seriously, what do you think is fair here?  This was your question, you asked for help and the expert responded not once, but twice to which you provided absolutely no feedback when posted 10/01/01.  This violates the Guidelines of this site.

Please award this to close or respond with further reasons why not to award.  It definitely wasn't the fault of the expert that your environment changed after that.  Perhaps a fair outcome would be to award a lesser value.  Listening further and trying to understand.

EE Moderator

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