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Put the "ME" in  Windows ME

dockboy549 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I've been bothered how pervasive all versions of Windows have been and the latest versions are even worse.  Their defaults are all WEB like views.  Horrible waste of screen real estate.  Just started using Windows ME and I use Windows Explorer alot.  When selecting a folder in the left pane all the files are displayed as "large icons".  Anyway to make all display "detail view" by default ?  I've gone through and manually made most folders display in "detail view".

Second part of the question is Windows Explorer by default open in a view where I have to click the + next to "My Computer" to expand it's view in the left hand pane so I can see the C: drive and then click + to see the folders on C: drive.  This is what I want to see.  What folders are on C:
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Delete the (hidden) folder.htt files from c:\windows, c:\windows\system, ands c:\Prrogram Files directories.

Right-click on the Windows Explorer shortcut, and change the Target line to this:
c:\windows\explorer.exe /n,/e


What does the elimination of the .htt files do?

And, won't c:\windows\explorer.exe /n,/e just start explorer at the desktop (if that's where the shortcut is)?

Just the same, the addition of the " c:\ " will start explorer out in the c: root.  You can put whatever you like there to have explorer automatically open to a specified drive or folder.  I have shortcuts for both C: and D: in my taskbar.

c:\windows\explorer.exe /n,/e c:\


It eliminates (for good) the WEB like views that dockboy detests (me too, actually).

well me three, EXCEPT in folders where I store my graohics.  It's kind of nice to have the preview option.
While we're chatting, I have another 50 points if anyone can tell me how to enable and invoke thumbnail view for a set of nested folders.

For example, I want all of the folders and subfolders of my Photos folder to be "thumbnail enabled" and open in thumbnail view when I explore them.  I currently use ACDC for this, but wonder if there is a way to natively do it.
sorry dockboy, I hope you don't think me rude.  I thought you might be interested as well.

In ME try this (from ms):

To turn on Image Preview in a folder other than My Pictures

On the desktop, double-click My Computer.
Double-click the drive where your pictures are located, and then double-click the folder that contains your pictures.
Click the View menu, and then click Customize This Folder.
In the Customize This Folder wizard, click Next, select Choose or edit an HTML template for this folder, and then click Next again.
Click Image Preview, and then follow the instructions on your screen to complete the wizard.

Web content must be enabled for the Image Preview window to appear. For more information about enabling Web content, click Related Topics below, and then select the topic on making folders look like Web pages.


Your target line addition indeed got me to the C:\ view.  Great time saver.  I haven't ditched the folder.htt file yet I'll try that in a bit.  

Volibrawl's addition of C:\ to the target line invoked an error message that said the path does not exist or is not a directory.

Will the elimination of the folder.htt file cause my view to be the details view that gives some much more information about the file.  This of course helps to definitly identify a file.


If you're not comfortable deleting them, just rename them to something like folder.ht_

You can always rename them back if you like.


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