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tanm asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
can anybody tell me whether there is a way to insert a column in a datagrid which doesn't exist in a physical table?
I want this column to be the only column which can be updated. what my intention is to have a datagrid with all rows from a physical table displayed and to allow the user to select what rows they want. I know it can be done using the ctrl-click (multi-row select) but that is not very good as the moment the user makes a mistake but not pressing the ctrl key, everything he/she selects will be de-selected. That's why i need a column in the datagrid to flag yes/no but is not a physical column in the table.
thanks in advance..
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You can make use of MSFlexGrid which allows adding columns as run time


i have got it to work now..

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