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WindowsME & ISA Modem installation

sanctified asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I had to buy an ISA modem since I ran out of PCI slots. I got WindowsME to install the software, but how do I get ME to recognize the ISA slot modem?
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Most of the newly developed hardwares and its drivers are in the trend of PCI > USB and Firewire / bluetooth.

ISA and ISA/PCI will be abolished no sooner or later both by hardwares and operating system, as you cannot see any ISA or ISA/PCI shared slot in most of the newly developed motherboard.

Therefore, I would like to suggest you to purchase a PCI (internal modem) or an external (serial port) modem or an USB external modem which is indeed very cheap nowadays.

If you do not have any USB port, try to either purchase a PCI card with 2/4 USB ports on it or external USB hubs which has many varieties of connectors.

If you bought a new ISA modem, use Add new hardware and select manual install the driver from the driver floppy provided by the manufacturer.

Patricia / pslh

Nice answer Patricia
I personally would recommend the serial external modem,
as any future system upgrade would likely eliminate the need for the other items listed.
Good Luck!

Check here for your hardware.
If not listed, good chance it won't work with ME.


Most ISA modems have pin settings that control the Port address and the IRQ. If yours does then set it for Com2 - irq3 - Then go into the bios and turn off the internal Serial port on com2.
Top Expert 2007

I would read the instructions for installing the modem. see what limitations it has if any.

Is it Plug N Play ?

Have you checked your device manager for other devices or conflicts.

I would delete any Other devices listed and resolve any conflicts.

Sometimes disabling an internal COM port as : DTHConsulting  suggested, may help.

Please post the exact modem you bought, so that we can get detail.

I hope this helps !

In bios you may also want to check that the slot the modem
is connected to is enabled for ISA.
That option differs with bioses.


Ultimately, I ended up buying a SuperMax USB modem. (a bit faster than my previous PCI modem)

Anyway, my father-in-law is a product rep for Creative Labs and informed me that the 5665/ISA modem is not compatible with WinME. Something to do with Microsoft wanting to advance people's technology, and the Win2000 kernal being different from the WinME. You guys probably know better than I do.

I figured that Win98 was cross compatible to WinME in this case - as it is in most - but it wasn't..

Anyway, I can enjoy my Lexmark x73 (combo fax-printer-scanner in one $150 at super-Wal Mart) and my modem at the same time..


JD, It's nice to hear that you're up and running and is enjoying your new USB modem.  ;o)

BTW, cordially thank for all the experts input here to form it as a whole.      ;-)  

Patricia / pslh

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