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paradox problem...pls help?

lbseong asked
dear every experts ...
  currently i c\got a problem..is always saud that this problem is control by another  .Net file so cannot view or canot run..and i have to stop the program and i have to delete all the .Net from the c directory...actually what is happening to this program?
  can somebody help thanks....
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the net-dir entry in the bde admin must point to the same shared network-directory for all clients

There are two problems with using paradox with multi-user applications, record locking and index corruption, the solutions are as follows.
To solve the record locking problem, make sure the following line of code is executed before you open any tables.
  Session.NetFileDir := PathToMyData;  

The second problem is caused when you use TTables to edit your data. It occurs when alterations have been made to the underlying data, and then the application is abnornally terminated (ie, power loss). The solution to this is to make sure the all alterations are written to the database immediately.

Step 1 is to include DBIProcs in your USES clause.
Step 2 is to include the following code after


Or you could just learn to use TQuery instead, which doesn't have the same problems :-)

Well as kretzschmar said it has to do with the PDOXUSRS.NET file. Open the BDE > Configuration > Drivers > Native > PARADOX. Now look in the window pane on the right side you should find this entry "NET DIR". This tells you were this file is to and all the clients BDE on the system should be pointing to the hosts directory.

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thanks for ur help

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