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How to make Microsoft Outlook XP as password protect

I want to make Microsoft Outlook XP as password protect. Can I do so by using some feature or by writing some script. If so then how?
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1. Right click on Outlook Icon on Desktop then Properties (or Control Panel then Mail icon)
2. Highlight Microsoft Exchange Server then Properties
3. Click Advanced Tab
4. User Logon Network Security, change it to None. Click OK then OK again to log off.

You should be prompted for Username, password and Domain name when double click on Outlook icon to access your email.

Hope it help!


Thanks a lot.

If possible could you kindly tell me how can I make out look ask for password if I minimize the outllok and the if if maximize then it should ask for password.

ALso is it possible to make out look ask for password whenevr I try to read email.

Right now in the existing situation if I logged in once then I cannot lock outlook. Is it possible to lock outlook as we lock workstations.

1. I don't think there is a way to setup password after you minimize and maximize the outlook.  There is no differences between maximize and minimize windows, the program or application is still running.
2. You can use Digital IDs to setup your email.  Receipient will need to use the right Digital ID to open the messages.  You can check it by go to:


I recommend you setup Screen Saver on your computer so that nobody can access your computer but you. (Of course, there is some rare softwares to hack and by-pass your Screen Saver Password.)


Thanks a lot.

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