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Frame layout query

jalldridge asked
My app is showing graphical information with the user being able to click on a graphical sector (via image maps) to allow drill down capabilities into the data. To prevent the screen refreshing each time (and giving a flicker effect) Im using numerous frames and just updating each frame in turn depending upon the level of current drill down. (ie clicking in frame 1 populates frame 2, click in frame 2 populates frame 3 etc).To give the impression of a complete web page I have disabled the frame scroll bars.

BTW Im using this approach as I dont know of a method of adding images (along with the appropriate updated image map info) into an existing HTML page that contains a table.

Q - With my current set up the user is unable to scroll down the 'whole' web page to see additional information located at the bottom of the browser. I have tried putting my page contaning the numerous frames into a top level frame (with this frames scroll bar enabled - ie to try and create a window) but this doesnt work. Is there a way to do the this type of thing?

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Using just standard frames, I'm afraid it isn't possible.

One way around it is by using iframes which actually form part of the document itself.


The only major issue here is that Netscape 4.x does not support them. If you need to support Netscape 4.x you'll need to use <ilayer> and your code will increase dramatically in order to check for browser compatibility etc.



It would be helpful to see what you're doing and how you've got it set up -- I suspect that there's another (possibly many) way to do it.
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Post the link so we can see what you are doing, please.



Thanks for comments from people. I'm afraid that I cant publish a link as the data shown in the graphs is confidential.

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