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Run MSDEV at command prompt

qcord asked

When I mark a method in msdev 6.0 (Windows NT)
and press crtrl-F12 i get a list of all places
from which the method is called.

This information is placed in a window from which I can not copy several lines from, only one line at the time.
So it takes alot of time to conclude this information
on the web pages.

I want to process the information automatically
so it would be nice if I can do the same from the command prompt, trap the stdout and process the information

What should I type at the command prompt to get the same
result out on stdout as I get when I press ctrl-F12.

I mean, something like this
>msdev -findref "printf"

or simmilar, is it possible

I tried to download bsckit60 but i did not get it compile
right so my only hope is to try to use the already
existing softwares

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Top Expert 2012
What you want to do is related to 'bscmake.exe', the source browse information generator, not to DevStudio itself (it just calls that external program). Check 'bscmake' in the VC docs, you'll find enough info there to do what you want.


If I already have all the .sbr files and the
cxc125265_dev.pdb and cxc125265_dev.bsc.

Do I really have to remake everything fro mthe begining
or what do I enter to extract the information I want from an already finnish build (can I do that) ?

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