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windows XP and games

asi asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13

Does on winXP it is possible to play games ?

because i know that on win 2000 it is impossible ?
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You need to be more specific.  Many games work perfefctly well on Win2000.  So your point is invalid.  There are some POORLY DESIGNED games that fail to work on W2K and these will also fail to work on XP.

These are games that directly access the machine hardware and can only work on DOS based systems like Win95, 98, and ME.  If you intend to continue using such games, don't go to XP.
WHAT??? If the game will work on NT 4 with service pack 6 it will run on any version of 2k and xp

For example I am currently running Baldurs Gate II Thorne of Bhaal on a Win2k SERVER! with 256MB ram and Direct X 8 with NO Glitches.   So to say that its impossible is incorrect. This has crashed only one time in a really heavy fight (when the stupid anti-virus decided to run its full scan DOH! forgot to turn it off)

Starting from Win98, there is a program compatibility tools in the Win98 cd for enduser to custom the game or older program executables to run in Win98 environment.

I've put up a detailed procedures for one questioner under Win98 topic area in 1999.

However, due to lack of detailed and popular addressing to the function of this tool, not so many endusers know how to use this tool. It is rather logical for common endusers to ask the software developer to introduce a Win98 compatible version instead of they adjust their own environment in Windows.

In Windows Xp, a Program Compatibility Wizard is introduced in a more friendly user interface.

The wizard helps you select and test compatibility settings that may fix those problems.  
The programs include Win95, NT4.0 SP5, Win98, WinMe, Win2000.

Moreover, Microsoft will have a web link for continueing putting up any games/old programs that they've found the compatibility resolution for endusers for WinXp to update the database.

Therefore, in case the game developer has not yet release the compatibility WinXP version, you can adjust by your own.

Hope it helps.

< It sounds like I'm promoting WinXp for M$.  ;)           >

Patricia / pslh

Thank for accepting my comment as answer. Hope that you've a good and enjoyable journey with WinXp.


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