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getting input from camcorders

If I use IEEE-1394 card for DV camcorder's can I get input from camcorders in any appplication.
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No.  The Windows NOTEPAD, for instance, has no ability to support video regardless of your interface.

But video enabled applications SHOULD support input from your 1394 card.  But whether they DO or NOT depends on the specific application.  If in doubt, check with the application's manufacturer.
What appliocation are you trying to use this with.  Some video applications may be limited to the hardware they support out of the box.  If you can check with the application manufacturer you may find that either you can get a patch to use your card and camera combination or that it is not a supported device without support.  Hopefully, a patch would be available.  Some applications may also be abel to take a file you have saved on the system and allow importing as a supported file type.  For example, I have a camera that was originally sold by Philips who manufactured the camera, Ricoh now sells an identical camera but because of firmware on the camera I can't use the Ricoh software.  I have tried to use stuff like Microsofts photo editor and cannot download pictures from my camera as they are pretty focused on the Kodak camera products.  What I have to do to work with my pictures in this application is to first use the Philips software to download the pictures from my camera to my hard drive and then import the files that were created in the process, either JPEG or TIFF files from my hard drive to the photo editor application.  They don't offer support for my camera and when I have called both Microsoft and Philips to see where I could get a patch or if any patch existed neither one has ever called me back to let me know.
"input from camcorders in any appplication"

I trust the camcorder came with computer software?  Just save your stills or video in a universal format and any image and/or video using program can use it.  For example, save a video clip as an .mpg ("motion-jpeg") and then insert the .mpg into Powerpoint to have a movie within a presentation.

This is a two step process while you might have been hoping for a single step, but the problem is that Powerpoint has its own problems without having to know how to operate every possible video camera in existence.  So, you're likely to find yourself having to use the video camera's program first.  From there, you can easily import saved video and images to other programs.

Give us a better idea as to what exactly you need to do with your video before we can do more than make educated guesses.

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