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Microsoft Outlook 98 Form

raewisconsin asked
I am trying to create a Multi-page form in Outlook 98 to communicate to the recipient one of the following:
To add a procedure
To revise a procedure
To delete a procedure

The design of the form is based on the ?message? format in Outlook 98.

I need to be able to attach a document when using the ?add? or ?revise? page tab.

My problem occurs when I start up the new form, it warns me with:

?This form has more than one message or notes control. If more than one control is visible at run time, only one control works?.

Is there a field that I can create (to substitute the message field) that would allow me to still have the attachment (insert file) ability? As soon as I remove the message field box on a page, the insert file (paper clip icon) dims out.

I have suggested separate forms for each condition but the end users are insisting on a single form.

Any help?

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I have had similar problems before, and have found that a multiline textbox works - insert textbox, right click for properties & choose multiline - this should work, but im not sure how many characters you will be limited to...

Hope this helps...


The only field that will allow you to attach a file is the message control.  How about this?  Make a form with 4 tabs.  One tab for each operation that you want to do and a 4th tab with the message control on it.  You can use the SetCurrentFormPage method to navigate between the tabs.  Would that work?  


I tried that and was then unable to attach any documents. I need the ability to attach.

That would be my choice to but the end user wants it on the tab they are working on. Maybe there is a way to disable the error message? Only one attachment will be per send but I need the message field on two different tabs.


No way to disable the error message as far as I know.  Does the user need to "see" the attachment?  I'm thinking a text box on both tabs that you could put the attachment name in.  Then have the mesage control on a hidden tab.  Then have a multi line text box on the other tabs.  

raweisconsin, any update?


rjcpic, Yes they need to see the attachment.

There really isn't much you can do unfortunately other than have the attachment on a separate tab.  There is no way to have multiple message controls on a form and have each of them have an attachment (or display an attachment).

You could have a command button that would be on each tab that would allow the user to click on it and it would take them to the attachment tab.


Thanks, I will persue that avenue.


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