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How to sent XML from client to server ?

nixland asked
I used IXMLHTTPRequest to send XML DOM (IXMLDOMDocument) from client application to server, using method Open and Send. I user URL of ASP file as a target. In that ASP file I use XMLDOMDocument method Load Request to get the XML, and it's OK.

But I want to set the target as a URL of VC DLL instead of ASP file.
How can I get the XML posted by the client using the above way in my DLL?
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How does it look like the distribution of the client app and server DLL? Does this connection go localy, between two points in the Intranet or Internet?

I don't think you can actually set the DLL reference as URL, but you can certainy create a simple ASP page that will play wrapper around your DLL permiting its reuse.

I have never done something like that using this interface, but was always sending XML string via http manualy and receiving it on the other side, loading in DOM etc...
Inside the DLL you would just have to receive the data using the ITS_RAW data type in your ON_PARSE_COMMAND macro.  This will give the ISAPI module the raw data instead of attempting to preprocess the fields.  Then you can use IXMLDOMDocument::Load just like you did in ASP.  Hope this helps.


So, I could pass ISAPI DLL in the URL, and 'catch' the DOM I send with Load method of IXMLDOMDocument in this ISAPI DLL ?
Where should I put this 'loading' codes in ISAPI DLL ? (I never use this kind of DLL) ...
What do you mean by "loading codes"?  When you said that you were posting it to a VC DLL, I assumed you meant ISAPI.  Is this correct?



Thanks a lot Mnashadka ... it works well ...

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