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Control could not be created (PocketPC simulator)

Keijo asked
I am using Embedded Visual Basic in the Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools 3.0.

When I try to insert a non-visual OCX-control in a form and run it in the PocketPC simulator I get an error message:

The Control ControlName ({7A8F2DAA- ...}) could not be created.

When I try to install the component in the Control Manager to any of the three platforms I get an "Unable to register control on device" error.

This is a standard Windows OCX-file, is it supposed to function at all in the CE environment? Or maybe there are some restrictions to what kind of OCX-controls can be used in the CE?
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You can't use the Windows OCXs on Windows CE because the CPUs are different. You need the specific PocketPC version of the OCX (if it has) since the binary code is different.


Ok, thanks for clearing that out to me!

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