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Modem to Hangup on Incomming call

hdsouza asked

I have call waiting on my phone line and I have a Dial-up ISP.

Now when I'am on the internet (using my Dial-up ISP) and I get a second call, how can I setup my system/modem to hangup the modem line immediately and thus allow the call to come through.

What are the modem strings, configuration settings that I need for this.

Thanks a lot

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you only need to remove the *70 setting from the modem dialing properties to achieve that.

Good Luck!

some times that property is not readily available, you ,ay want to delete and recreate the dial up networking connection,
do not 'disable call waiting'


I do not have *70 in my Modem dialing properties. In fact when a second calls comes in, the exchange rings to the caller but I cannot hear it as I'am on the internet.

I hope the question is more clearer now


If there is no property for this setting then you must use a windows 9x system.

From dialup networking, highlight the connection.
From the tool bar select 'dial'.
from the 'connect to' box, selectdial 'properties',
under 'when dialing from here', uncheck 'disable call waiting'.

That should do it!
The modem may or maynot disconnect with an incoming call, they (modem companies) say to disable the call waiting (*70) but in fact it really depends on your whole setup.
1. Brand of modem, how sensitive it is to noise, winmodem or hardware based ....
2. background line noise
3. how strong the incoming call waiting siginal is.

There are modem out now that will accept the call waiting siginal and will display the name / number onscreen and give you the option to accept or ignore the call.

The answer to your question is you need a new modem that supports the call waiting caller ID and allows you to stay online or will pause while you take the incoming call.

For your information - I am in fact having the same problem and have bought a new V.92 modem which is supposed display an incoming call and allow you to "suspend" your internet connection, answer the call and then hang-up and resume the connection without a redial. Unfortunatly, I have not been able to get this to work as the V.92 protocol must be supported by your ISP or the modem will not suspend the connection so do not rely on buying a new modem to solve the issue.

Hopefully someone will be able to help us out.

Like you stated, the V92 protocol must be supported by your ISP for your V92 modem to work as advertised, unfortunatly if your ISP does not support this then your only recourse is to go to another ISP (who will support V92 standard)
I would have hoped you would have checked this out in advance of buying the new modem.
Unfortunatly, I am in Australia and even most of the top ISP's here do not yet support the protocol.

I would hope there are other ways to make a non-V.92 modem detect an incomming call and hang up.

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You are not a newbie, why would you act like one and post a nothing as a proposed answer? Your proposed answer has a spark of anger because you live in an area where V92 is not yet supported by your ISP.
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Sorry, did not mean to post as an answer.

I have found some programs which allow the detection of an incoming call some of which then allow you to either answer (depending on the caller ID of the calling party), ignore or redirect.

Unfortunatly, none of them appear to be freeware. You can check them out here

(search for "modem caller")

or here


You do not need the V.92 protocol for these apps as they just detect the incoming call and give you a choice (i.e. you cannot answer the call and resume as V.92 would allow).

If you don't go V.92 you can try (as has been suggested) to change you modem settings so that it will automatically hangup but this is modem specific, not always reliable and basically involves lowering your modems threshold for erroneous noise which could cause it to drop out when an incoming call is not present.

I am hoping someone out there is going to be able to come up with a better option for us.

There are many programs and/or services that use call forwording to notify the user of an incoming call, but these do take some time to reroute the call and send you a notice and the results are many missed calls. In any case that was not what the questioner was asking about.

"Now when I'am on the internet (using my Dial-up ISP) and I get a second call, how can I setup my system/modem
to hangup the modem line immediately and thus allow the call to come through."

Maybe I was not clear in my answer of maybe you did not bother to check out the pages I specified rayt333 but these are not all call forwarders. They detect an incoming call (most using TAPI) and (some) let you specify pre-selected options i.e. hangup AUTOMATICALLY (i.e. to allow the phone to ring permitting it to be answered), play message i.e. wav/mp3 file or to ignore the incoming call. Some even allow you to specify different options depending on the caller ID of the incoming call.

The product specified here http://www.zoom.com/ts1/analog/callwait.pdf
is exactly what you/we are after hdsouza. I am not sure what country you are in hdsouza or what type of modem you have so it may or may not be directly useful to you.

You will find that the past questions on this have either been deleted or insufficiently answered because there is no definite solution. I advise you to investigate the above programs or the V.92 modem option (V.92 modems are very cheap ($20 American) for the one I got). Check your ISP supports it or like me buy it and wait.

I am not interested in the points for this question so give them to whoever else you want.

By the way it is hdsouza's role to critique my comments not yours rayt333.
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Fair point

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