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Field Value to Effect Screen Element Appearance

blyons48 asked
In Lotus Notes, in a document we have a field named APPEARANCE, which we wish to use to alter certain elements of the document appearance.  The screen elements which we wish to effect are:

1 - Screen Background COLOR to light yellow
2 - Background COLOR of a table cell to light yellow
3 - Display screen WATERMARK using a tiled GIF or JPG

For example:
if APPEARANCE = 0 or null, then no special formatting,
if APPEARANCE = 1, do #1 above,
if APPEARANCE = 2, do #2 above, etc.

Is there a way to do this in Notes?  Thanks.

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What you can do in your list is only one, i.e #1

Use $PaperColor attribute of the form to set the color. The color ranges from 0-239.

for eg: in your case it will be like this,

The Appearance field translation would have the formula as,

FIELD $PaperColor := $PaperColor;
@if( Appearance="1"; @SetField("$PaperColor";17); "");

NOTE: You should close and reopen the form for this changes to take effect


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