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Print in landscape on lexmark printer

roosterup asked
All of a sudden my print from the 400 is coming out all portrait. It looks like the 400 is trying to print 132 lines, but it's cut off and printing portrait. Anyone know why this is such a reoccurring problem and how I can change this for sure to print landscape?
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Bob ButcheriSeries Engineer

Is this for all printer files going to the printer or one specific printer file? That might help determine is you are dealing with a printer problem configuration or a printer file.

I know on the printer file, there is a parameter of PAGRTT that may help!!!!


Any spooled file prints out portrait.
Bob ButcheriSeries Engineer

Couple of questions:

What type of printer is it?

Is it a laser or impact (dot matrix printer)?

Is your printer setup as a remote output queue or a device description?

Is the printer attached to a PC using Client Access?

Is the printer attached to a print server?

Just curious. Maybe this might point us in the right direction!


The printer is a laser Lexmark T1620. There is a device descrition for the printer and the printer is attached to a PC using client access express. Why is it so hard to print landscape or computer output reduction? I have taken every landscape option I could find.
iSeries Engineer
In your printer session that you've defined from client access you should check to see what you have for your customizing object parameter. If you have the value QWPDEFAULT, then remove. Resave the configuration and try to print again.

I don't think this object supports COR capabilities...