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Video Storage & Retrieval using Oracle Intermedia

lentz asked
Hi all,
I am learning on Multimedia Storage and Retrieval but i am really lost becos i am not a technical person by nature.

Can anyone provide me with ideas on how to store A Video File(eg MPEG Files) into Oracle 8i Database(Oracle Intermedia)? Is this feasible?

I am using SQL , Java: html & Jsp & Servlet for this purpose

How do i go about doing these:

1)Design of Video Database (Oracle)
2)Video storage in Database
3)Retrieving of the video on the client browser, when a request is made by client.

Can anyone provide me wf answer specifically to the 3 Qns above?

Thank You ;-)

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You can save any binary data in table if you BLOB field in Oracle.
You have to be carefull about the reaosn you are going with this way.
Normally file system is much faster than database to handle larg amount of binary data.


How do i convert the Video form into binary form?
Is there any free software available that helps in the conversion?

If i store video in File system, i am afraid not enough storage space.

I need to store alot of Big Video Files, so using Oracle shld be better in terms of Storage Space.

I don't see a big difference between keeping in Orcale instea dof Filesystem in term od space. The reaosn is, tyou are not going to compress your file when you are saving it in oracle. If you want to do that that is totally different,
Anyway, to store your data in database depends what software you prefer to use, for exmaple I have the webinterface to store PDF and excel file in blob field using some third party software to upload the file and saveit as a blob. but if you wnat to sue server side of oravle there are some built in procedure to do that.
WHat platform are you using?


I am using Windows 2000 Pro...
Using Oracle 8i as my DB...

So your suggestion to me is ...storing Compressed Video Files==Binary Form into Oracle DB?

What is ur WebInterface for Storing ur PDF Files in blob field? U created it urself? What 3rd Party Software u use to upload ur Files into the DB?  Is it Free??

Thks for ur Patience ;-)
I am starting to get a rough idea....

Are you familiar with Oracle.form, you cna do it in oracle form also.

>>What is ur WebInterface for Storing ur PDF Files in blob >>field?
What do you mena by that, it is not availabel on internet that is why I cna not show it to you.
>>U created it urself?
Yes I did,
>> What 3rd Party
>>Software u use to upload ur Files into the DB?  Is it >>Free??
There are some free componneet, what i used was not free,
Sa_Fuleup http://www.softartisans.com. It is pretty easy and not that expensive.

>>Thks for ur Patience ;-)
No problem, moe than happy to help you, i remember when I decided to keep all my files in blob field, I had really tough time to put all technicla solutions ot gethere to get it work.



Maybe u can give me some hints on how to start on my task?
eg..what software(DB, File Upload, Web server etc) required? What sort of Information abt Oracle to read on?

Maybe u can try to use less technical terms to explain cos i am not technically-inclined ;-)

What i understand now is:

I need to compress my Video File using some software.
Next i need to upload it into the Oracle DB in BLOB format also using some other software...

Anybody, Pls help explain to me the concepts in a more general way.

I will appreciate!

Ok lets strat from the beginning.
Why do you need to put it in database? You said before because of "not enough storage system". What do you mean by that? Is your database on the same system that you are not sure that has enough space to save all video files.


Hi Prokni,

yes, i will try to store the videos into the oracle database which is on my system. Actually , i am aware that lots of storage will be taken up in this case thats why i need to know how to do compression of the video files
(MPEG) before i store the them into the DB.

Actually i don't really understand what u mean by storing videos into the File System in our earlier discussion.Maybe u can explain in simpler term?

Presently, i know Oracle 8i intermedia technology can store, retrieve Video. But does it provide the codec for Videos? To me, thgs like this is completely new...I am taking my time to learn.



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