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Field Value to Effect Screen Element Appearance

blyons48 asked
In Lotus Notes, in a document we have a field named APPEARANCE, which we wish to use to alter certain elements of the document appearance.  The screen elements which we wish to effect are:

1 - Screen Background COLOR to light yellow
2 - Background COLOR of a table cell to light yellow
3 - Display screen WATERMARK using a tiled GIF or JPG

For example:
if APPEARANCE = 0 or null, then no special formatting,
if APPEARANCE = 1, do #1 above,
if APPEARANCE = 2, do #2 above, etc.

Is there a way to do this in Notes?  Thanks.

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In Lotus Notes, you cannot directly change the Background color of a table or form. But in Lotus Notes R5 you can achieve this in a roundabout way. You can create simple images with whatever color you want and specify it in the form properties.

-> Goto form or table properties
-> Click 4th tab (3rd tab for tables)
-> Click "@" button in "Graphics or Resource" option
-> Here you can specify the condition e.g.

Please ensure that, you put the images in the "Image Resource" of your database. To do this, open the database in designer. Go to "Images" design element. Click "New Image Resource" button. Here you should select the image which you have created and click "Ok".

Hope this should help you.

Good luck

- Sankar

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