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Setting Default Font & Text Colors for Future Datawindows

aorita asked
In the applications painter, after clicking on the "Additional Properties" command button, the "Text Color", and "Background" dropdowns are disabled for "Label Font", "Column Font" and "Header Font".  How am I able to make selections for these properties?
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You can do it in the datawindow painter.

Go into the datawindow painter (Open any datawindow you have or if you have no datawindow then make a new datawindow) Select from the menu Design -> Options...

Hier you will find the tabpage Generation, here you can set the column and header colors for text or other properties. First select the datawindow type and set the properties. When you will make you other datawindow, will take automatocally your adjustment for this type.

Say you set the properties for grid datawindow. Next whenever you will make a gris datawindow in this application PB will adjust your created adjustment in the generation tab in the datawindow painter caled by menu design -> options...

I think this is what you want.

Please let me know is it so?




Bhatti, thank you very much.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

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