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How do I show form only on startup?

BobMiner asked
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Last Modified: 2008-03-17
I'd like only the startup form only to show when I start this access mdb.....nothing else.  I've already got the form to initiate on start, the toolbars & database window to hide, but "Access" is still there with the form inside.  

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ONly way I know of is to compile it to an mde.   The "Access" has to be there to run the form.

Another way is to write a vb front end to the access db.


even compiling it into an mde you will still need to have access running in the background. you won't be able to get around it like that.

i've never used the office developer's edition to create a runtime version of your app, but you could investigate that. (or another expert could add more info)

good luck


In reading you question I assume that you want Access to run but you just do not want the users of the database to use the other functions on access.  One such function is the view database window.

So when you start up the Access file in your computer the form opens but the menu items on the top of the access window allow the user to add new queries or view the design of forms bah bah bah.

There are several things you can do to make the application more secure.

First you must create your own Menu and use this menu to replace the standard access menu.

Second you must insure that the forms you display can be windowed to each other or the user will not be able to go from place to place in the application

Third.  You must secure the data base using the security functions. You can set all forms, reports, macros, modules etc to Run only or other limited functions you wish.

Last you make sure that you grant your ID the read/write/design accesses for each of the elements in the data base. You then delete the Admin User or restrict his access.  You can use the wizard to do this.

Then you run it and it looks good.  EXCEPT.........

A clever user opens the APPlication with another copy of access and he/she holds the shift Key when they open it.

All of your modules, forms, macros, reports will be not be readable or design changable but the user will be able to see the data tables and the queries.

To prevent this you must use some fancy code. Look under prior answered questions on this board and look for the question I asked on how to prevent this.  This answer gives the code you will need.  If you like I can repost on this question.

Good luck Phil


The only way to make your application run as though it wasn't designed using Access would be to make a runtime version of the application using Office Developer.

However, there are a few issues that you may have to get addressed before you could distribute your application.  Mainly, any standard Access functionality, such as errror messages will all need to be handled within your code.

When a runtime version is created all standard internal access functions will no longer be available and all eventualities will have to be written into your code.

I hope this helps.


I have used the following example on one database. It worked fine, but it can take some tuning to get everything the way you want it.

Also, I would make sure you have all of the forms working just right, then implement this solution. It can be found at http://www.mvps.org/access/api/api0019.htm.




Thanks abaldwin,
Seems you were the first to make the MDE or VB suggestion & thats the best answer.


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