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.LNK extensions (shortcuts)

cactusdr asked
Did a dumb thing. Wanted to associate .avi files with Windows Media instead of Quick Time. Right clicked the folder ON THE DESKTOP ,which contains my .avi's, instead of opening it to show the files and clicked on "Open with.....". Got the window to select the program and selected Windows Media Player. Didn't notice that the check box was checked for this program to open all files of this type. Nice job on my part!! Now ALL the .lnk icons on the desktop and start menu are the Windows Media Player icon. I made a file association with all shortcuts with Window Media Player!!!!! What do I need to do get rid of the association and return things back to normal.  That's all from the idiot. Thanks in advance.
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For your answer open windows explorer by

start run type in explorer

Click on tools | folder options

CLick on file type tab

scroll down to your .lnk or windows media player and change the according selection by click on the advance you can change the icon itself.

Then click on the change and select the windows media player for the file association.


newwavaepro - You lost me. 1) LNK does not appear in the file types under Folder Options and 2) I don't want to change the desktop icons from Media player for another specific icon for all the .lnk folders and files on the desktop and start menu. I want the origanl icons back.
Is there a specific program in Windows 2000 associated with opening LNK extensions?
I misunderstood your question sorry about that then you need this little program to do that its called TweakUI which has the options to do what you need.  This is the Win2k Version.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint Engineer


That link is the official Microsoft version 1.33.  Newwavepro, not saying that there is anything wrong with yours, but the link above is "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak.  If the "Repair Associations" function of TweakUI fixes it for you, please accept newwave's comment as the answer.  Install TweakUI, then open it from Control Panel, go to the Repair tab, choose "Rebuild Icons" then click the Repair Now button.

well dogztar that is my own website which i maintain for customers and general end users that need such items. Normally I post the Microsoft links but I couldnt find that one for some reason (lost bookmark).

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