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URGENT : Unable to login

rajesh_bala asked
Hi experts,
  I am not able to login from my system. I am using windows 2000 professional edition and my system is conencted to the network.
 My problem is the system does not give the option to select the domain. It simply gives the "log in using dial up connection". but when i choose that option and try to login using "DOMAIN_NAME\rajesh", it says the dial up connection is not set.
 What is the work around for this. I tried loading the last known good configuration too. Still the same problem. What should i do to get the list of domain names that i have got. Even the local domain is not displayed. Thanks in advance.

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From the sounds of it that its not correctly plugged into the network if it has no domain control box.  Shut down the system. Make sure you connected to your LAN card correctly. Restart the computer and make sure you have a green light for its operation then the LAN card will attempt to restablish the LAN connection to the hub. Also the server could be down as well.


  Thanks for ur response.I have got a laptop.

 1. I am able to login from others system. So the server is not down.
 2. I have tried with other network cable. Even then it is not displaying the domain names.


rajesh_bala, I suppose that somehow the notebook was removed from it's domain. This will remove the domain box since there is only the "local" domain left. However, you should still be able to log in as (local) administrator and to rejoin the domain tree. If you don't have the rights in the domain to do so yourself (adding a computer to a domain), ask the domain admin for assistance.


 Even that is not possible. I am not able to login in my local domain also. I gave the username and password and it says that the username/domain name is incorrect. My network admin is not currently not available. Thats why i posted this question. :).
(Hope u guyz understand my question. I am not able to get the list of domains.)

AvonWyss is right, your notebook was removed from the domain.  
If the domain membership is removed, Win 2K did not display any box for domain selection and it is understood that you will be login to the local computer.  If you are not local computer's user, then you need to get the following information.
   Log-in name for Administrator (some users rename the Administrator to other name for security reason).

   Password for User Administrator.

Then you can perform procedures to join a domain.

Thanks for the additional details, MHasnain. In fact, this was exacly what I meant by logging in as local administrator.

rajesh_bala, it's just normal that the domain user name is not present in your "local" domain since the local domain is NOT a copy of the remote domain but rather the set of users configured locally (domain-less) on your computer. The default user present on all default installations is the administrator which has full rights over the machine, including changing its domain membership. That's why you should log in as administrator to rejoin the domain.

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