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URGENT: Installing SQL Server on XP

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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
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I don't think it's possible to install SQL SERVER on anything but a Windows SERVER.  Since the "XP" SERVER is nowhere near being released and in fact is not even in beta, what XP are you installing on?  XP Pro?  If so, you can't do it.  The workstation products don't support SQL Server, nor will they ever.

You can not install SQQL Server on Windows XP (Client Edition) Server is not released yet.

But if available SQL Server personal edition, can be installed on even Windows 95/98.

Gosh, there's a nasty echo in this question.....

It's not the issue of XP or 2000/NT.

When you install (put in the CD) SQL7/2000 Server/Enterprise Server on a Workstation, be it NT/2000/XP, it will only install partial components rather than loading the full blone of SQL server.

However, from a developer's or a "light-weight" database server's standard point, that's more than enough.

You got a limited capacity version of SQL server, a GUI management tool called Enterprise Manager, plus all the other client utilities, development tools, and documentation.

You could install MSDE (=sql server desktop edition, it's on your office CD or Visual Studio CD's). Then you would have a light version of SQL Server, but without client tools.

Next, you install the client tools from your SQL Server CD-Rom, and voila, there you are :)

You now have an almost full version of SQL Server, except for DTS transformations, Merge replication, and some more.

Works for me time after time..

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