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Help needed on accessing smallworld proprietary database from unix box

prasadks asked
I need to access  database(this is a proprietary RDBMS) of a software called smallworld that store physical and logical inventory from a software called netcool impact which runs on a unix box.

smallworld says we cannot use the ODBC driver for Unix boxes and if our application were running on a win NT machine we can use this driver..  is there a feasible solution to make this software use the driver available in windows and make the Impact application that sits on unix talk to the smallworld database (again in a unix machine) through the windows machine..

Is there any other workaround to this avoiding  the use of the odbc driver?
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One possibility might be to set up ODBC on the unix box - www.merant.com do a product called data direct sequelink that runs on unix, and allows odbc access to unix databases - not sure if it would support smallworld though - if you are looking for odbc for unix though, Merant are the people to talk to.

An other option is to use the smallworld tool itself to create an export file, and once a day, or whatever, export all of the data, and have a program read it in so it can be queried by your new tool.  No good if the information changes a lot.

A third option would be to write something in C that runs on the Unix box, and communicates with the database, submitting queries and returning results back to your client application (DIY middleware).  For a high-performance application, you might even consider buying a ready-made middleware scripting tool like Wraptor (used to be called API Link).


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