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Convert EPS or TIFF to GIF/JPEG

Batalf asked
Could anyone of you provide me with information on how to convert tiff or eps-images to either gif or jpeg using php or modules available for php?

Is it possible? How? What do I need?

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hmm no there's no php functions for that
but you can use http://www.imagemagick.org
and use it with the php exec function

ImageMagick is a great tool
Top Expert 2005


imagemagick seems to be working great.

Just a last question. I have som problems using using convert on some images.

I had a tiff-file on about 250kb which I want to convert to a gif-file. At command-line I typed:

convert image.tif image.gif

which gave me a image.gif file on 1,2MB.

Have you used ImageMagick enough to know anye trick to avoid these large output-files? I have tried using the color-paramter, but it doesn't help much.

in reality I have never tried it, but I know that it works very well.
Now for the tiff to gif problem, I have really no ideas. Are you sure you are trying to convert tiff to gif and not gif to tiff ??
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Thanks for this link. I think it will solve what I'm looking for.

About tiff->gif. Yes, I was converting from tiff to gif. Anyway:


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