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Crystal Enterprise Licensing

ZhongYu asked
We have a web application that generates fill crystal report data on web server. After upgrading to the version 8.5, the user occationally get error message:

Error Type: Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer,  (0x80047CD5)
There are not enough Concurrent Access Licenses to log you on. This system has 5 Concurrent Access Licenses. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator to obtain more licenses. Licenses can be purchased direct from Seagate Software or through the Seagate Software Online Store.

The problem is that Seagate charges 1500 USD for one concurrent license.

And if the client has already version 8.5 activex viwer, he cannot view reports generated by earlier components, so we cannot rollback without make changes in every client computers.

Is there any way out, either by making some changes in the server ASP script so that the Crystal Enterprise (with imposes the license limit) is not used, or by using a patched viwer (version must be higher than that can work with both formats so that we can rollback?

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As far as I know, if you are generating your reports on the fly at the web server you must have a license for each concurrent user.

If you have some reports which are frequently accessed but have little or no dynamic content, consider exporting those reports to .PDF files and make them available in that format.  This might help keep your concurrent users in CR8.5 down.

Also, the 8.5 client should be compatible with the reports generated by older versions of Crystal unless you are using features introduced in 8.5.  I don't think you can have more than one version serviced by a single instance of IIS though.



Thanks for help. But all of our reports are dynamic. What could be a solution is to generate reports on the fly so that the server does not have keep session. But I cannot find a way.

About the compatibility, what we know is that the CR8.5 ActiveX viewer shows only a blank page when the report is generated by version 7 web component.

Please give me more advice.

Have you checked to see how many concurrent users there actually are? By default IIS sesions do not timeout for twenty minutes. You could try decreasing the timeout or destroy the session object in your code.

See http://support.crystaldecisions.com/library/kbase/articles/c2009015.asp for details.


I think I have done all that is possible for session management: I opene the report in a IE5 modal dialog page. When the user quit from the page, a request is triggered to kill all the session variables. But I do need more than five concurrent users.

Is it possible to export, at web server, the report to a format (pdf, doc or rtf) after fetched data from the SQL server, then just open a new page with a link to the file?

You state: "But I do need more than five concurrent users."

The answer is:  Buy additional licenses sufficient for your needs.

At this point it seems you are interested mainly in bypassing the licensing fees that Crystal Decisions is imposing.  I will not assist in this any further.



Hi Drryan3,

Thanks for your help so far. But I don't agree with you about the license.
The problem is that Crystal Decisions is charging an irrationally high price. I am not the one to pay. My customer feel such high fees make the whole idea of using web and browser as application environment a bad idea.

I hope Seagate is not one of the companies that complain about Microsofts monopol position.

I will try a custom ActiveX component that wraps the CRViewer and maintains XML data to be viewed in the viewer. In this way I can even ease the memory requirements on the server. That is what desktop clients do without expensive concurrent license fees.

Or try to use other reporting tools.

"The problem is that Crystal Decisions is charging an irrationally high price" - depends how you value it.  Clearly, others are paying the price or have negotiated appropriate pricing.



The answer is not satisfactory. However a clarification of the issue helps me to find other solutions.