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Problem with Wingate FTP proxy service on W98 platform


We have a small network in the office, about 10 computers connected to Internet via Wingate 2.1d Proxy Server, running on W98 platform and dial-up connection on one computer.

The other computers run also W98 operating systems with Internet Explorer. HTTP proxy service works fine. The problem comes with the FTP service. We cannot initiate FTP sessions using the ftp client in Explorer on the network computers and don't know why. Apparently the configurations are ok. The Explorer is configured to work with proxy server and the proxy server IP address and port 21 are given in Internet Options/Connections/LAN settings. On the other hand the proxy service on the server is started and expected to accept connections on the LAN  interface at the same port, 21. The access rights to the proxy FTP service are ok too. The message from Wingate in Explorer's window looks like "220 Wingate Engine FTP Gateway ready"... and that's all.

I have to mention that the TCP/IP on the client machines has no DNS server specified and no gateway. We tried to activate Wingate's DNS service which we have been checked and works ok. Also tried to give the IP address of the Wingate machine as DNS address for the client machines. We also tried to give the address of the Wingate machine as gateway for the client machines. Nevertheless we don't think these are the reasons... the proxy machine should take over all the tasks when getting proxy FTP requests, I mean resolving the name and the subsequent communication according to FTP protocol.

We would be greatful if someone could get us through with this... and thanks in advance.

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I beleive you must use port 80 for the FTP proxy setting (on the browser), not 21, thereby routing ftp requests through the http proxy, not the ftp proxy.




Thank you Mike, it seems it works that way.

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