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Oracle shutdown issues

sander02 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-12
Errors in file /db/app/oracle/admin/imcud/bdump/imcud_pmon_9886.trc:
> ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kxfpbfre()+668] [SIGBUS] [Invalid address alignment] [30] [] []
> Sun Sep 30 08:13:13 2001
> DBW1: terminating instance due to error 472
> Instance terminated by DBW1, pid = 9890
> Sun Sep 30 19:25:26 2001
> Starting ORACLE instance (normal)

Good Day.  I am new to oracle and not sure what these errors mean.  They are appearing every week
we shutdown the database for backup.
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From the Manual:
ORA-00472: PMON process terminated with error
Cause: The Process Monitor process terminated abnormally.

Action: Check the accompanying messages, and the background process trace file. Correct the problem mentioned in the messages. Then shut down and restart the instance. If the trace file mentions any other background process messages, check the trace file for the mentioned process until the root message is found.

So what hardware platform?

I think it's best to contact oracle support.
They can analyse the core dump and see what's wrong.

THis can be a nasty one.
Good luck

How is the database being shut down?  Are you using svrmgr and shutdown (normal, immediate, abort)?  Or are you killing the processes manually?

What it says is : DBW1 detected that PMON isn't running and shutting the database.

So please use svrmgr and shutdown normal.


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