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Domino R5 & File attachments problems

Chris Ripoll
Chris Ripoll asked
Currently using Domino R5 mail server. Accessible on the web via pop3 & smtp using communicator or outlook. Problem occurs where e-mail attachments do not come through properly (Attachments comes as Winmail.dat).

I know it will be something silly I have overlooked but the more you look the harder to find sometimes.

Thanks in advance.
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It is most often an incompatibility issue !

Here is possible explanation from Lotus

The WINMAIL.DAT attachment appears because the message originated from a sender using MS Exchange or Outlook. Their MS client is configured to send the message, using specific formatting such as RTF (rich text formatting), MIME, or UUENCODE.

This issue arises when recipients using non-MS Mail clients receive a message in this format. Instead of seeing a formatted message, they see either a large section of UUENCODED data if the sender used UUENCODE format, or they see a MIME body part application/ms-tnef if the sender used MIME. Depending on which mail client the recipient uses, they may either see a long sequence of hexadecimal digits, or they may see an attached binary file named WINMAIL.DAT.

this link also provides some info



Chris RipollMaster of None


Thanks for the prompt help. Problem has been corrected.


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