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SCO Openserver 5.0.5 install on WD 20 GB ATA drive

Rhorton asked
I am trying to install SCO Openserver Enterprise 5.0.5 on a WesternDigital 20GB ATA 100 harddrive.  
Everytime I complete the install the drive only shows about 7.1 GB of space.  I have tried following
the "defbootstr biosgeom=(16383,16,63)" command upon install per the only SCO TA I could find on this
subject. But yet again I can only get 7.1 GB out of the install upon completeion of loading the OS.

Can someone help me out.  Basically, I want to install SCO Openserver 5.0.5 Enterprise on IDE drives
since they are a very cheap alternative to SCSI drives.  I am also considering using a RAID level 1
IDE controller.

If someone can give me any help/hints in this area I would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi  Rhorton,

     From my memory, SCO UNIX has problem with recognize WesternDiigital HDs and Maxtor HDs.
     Try to install SCO Openserver Enterprise on a Quantum, it should work.
     I don't have a WD HD on hand right, otherwise, I can tell you how to change the jump settings to make it work.


Again, I am using IDE hard drives (20 GB or higher).  I don't have any quantum drives or I would try your suggestion.  I have been told that 5.0.5 will not work with LARGE IDE ATA drives.  Only SCO Openserver 5.0.6 can use ultra DMA controller and large addressing of drives.

Yet, I read a few articles where people have gotten large IDE drives to work with SCO Openserver 5.0.5.

Did you set the BIOS to LBA or Normal, not LARGE !

If you have a Segate IDE drive you can give it a try,  I remember abou 2 yesrs ago,  I have installed SCO 5.0.4 Enterprise on one of out client's machine, and it is > 8 GB, it work fine.
Ok, try the following jump settings on you WD HD:

      M       S         C
       A       L          S

       o <-->o          o
       o         o          o
And the Set the BIOS to use LBA, or Normal.

Just a quick thought, you havent got another partition on the disk already that you are not realising.
For example, a 13gb FAT partition ?

Thought i'ld better check   :)

I have loaded SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 on Western Digital 30gb hard drives with no problems.

I think this boot string will limit the drive to 8gb:
defbootstr biosgeom=(16383,16,63)

16383 x 16 x 63 x 512 gives you 8,455,200,768 or 8.4gb

I have also either used or not used LBA.

Now I just realized this is old. Is this information still needed?