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IPCONFIG /ALL 'Bad command or file name'

florese asked
For Windows 95. How do I see the current IP address?

I tried IPCONFIG /ALL then I was prompted with
a 'Bad command......' message.

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try "winipcfg"

ipconfig is just for NT

mpltech is correct, that you should use winipcfg in windows 95. Ipconfig works in windows 98, ME, NT and 2000, and i suspect it works in windows xp as well, but i haven't checked.

BTW, windows 98 has both winipcfg and ipconfig.
Using Explorer or Start/Run, run WinIPcfg.

Note1: This is windows version of program. Spell it like WNTipcfg for NT.

Note2: This is your local, intraNet address, if alive. This is usually not same as your InterNet address, through ISP or other proxy type service.

For hardcoded address, in
Control Panel | Network | TCP | Properties
(or right click on Network Neighborhod to get there)

This is where you can see the address that has been typed in as your first, preferred choice. Unless you run dhcp, or have bug in tcp at start up, this really should be IDENTICAL to output of WinIPcfg
Extending my previous comment, i can now confirm that ipconfig works in Windows XP.
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