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adduser question

dbusher asked
Redhad 7.0
I want to use the adduser command to add user JDOE as part of the SALES group with PASSWORD BUCKO and leave the default path that of the sales group. And I want the new user login to be enabled.
adduser JDOE -g SALES -p BUCKO   seems to create the user ok but JDOE cannot log in with password BUCKO for some reason. Any clues
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What's the exact adduser command line?

From the man page:
-p passwd
     The  encrypted password, as returned by crypt(3) or
     an MD5 password generator.  The default is to  dis-
     able the account.

IE., the password *MUST BE THE ENCRYPTED VALUE* not the plaintext password.

Indeed, if you look in your /etc/shadow file, you will see that for JDOE's encrypted password, it shows BUCKO.


     Why don' you use two commands such as :

"adduser JDOE -g SALES" and "passwd JDOE", with this second command you will have to enter the password "BUCKO" and you will have to confirm it.

Hope this help.



Thank you.  That works great.

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