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CISCO 760 series ISDN router config

StephenG asked
Ok,  I got this router (CISCO 766) and had 1 little problem.  I've never configured a router before.  This is what I am trying to do:

I am running 2 dynamic IP programs (DYNIP and DNS2GO)to handle the following servers: HTTP, TELNET, FTP, EMAIL and TERMINAL SERVICES.  The PC is running W2K Advanced Server on a small home network (5 computers).

What I need to know is)
1) how do I configure it for LAN
2) how do I configure it for ISP dialup
3) how do I configure PAT to allow the servers to be seen on the net

I'm technicaly inclined by I would greatly appreciate step-by-step instruction as this thing is for my wifes business.

Hopefully some kind soul shall take pity upon a router newbie and share their wealth of knowledge.  ;-)

Thanks in advance.

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To get to the server from the net, you need to have a public IP address on it. You will want to get 3 addresses, one for the BRI interface, one for the ethernet interface and one for the Server. You will want to implement some type of firewall to protect yourself as you have extremely limited capabilities on the 766.

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