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Sound Card driver of ME

steve_mills asked
When I go to system device manager and look at my sound card it report
Creative Audio PCI (ES1371,ES1373)(wdm)6/8/2000

I am having some trouble with this and have tried to find an updated driver for ME for this card but with no luck.

Can anyone tell me were to go for an update ME driver.

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Are you using Intel motherboard with on-board built in sound chip?

Go to Intel web site and select by your motherboard and its sound card driver.

<I am having some trouble with this > What is the actual problem?

Patricia / pslh
> an updated driver for ME

It doesn't exist, and will not !
Why ? Because the ES1371, ES1373 is too damn old (at least 5 years) that all the driver development for these chipsets is already mature. What you've got is what you will get.

BTW, ES stands for Ensoniq, Creative bought it back in long time ago and ES137x was therefore marketed as PCI 128. Note that PCI 128 has so many varients and ES1371 is just one of them.

Anyway, ES137x are considered cheap so that many motherboards embeded these sound chips.  If you really can't get it to work, don't feel too bad because the sound quality is not that well.


plsh when I turn on the pc for the first time no sound but if I then restart the pc the sound then works ok.

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