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Link in PDF file needs to open in browser, not in Acrobat.

Fortyfour asked
My PDF document contains a link to a Web page. But when people click on link in the PDF document, a dialog box pops up that asks whether to open the link in Acrobat or in a Web browser. Of course I want the link to open in a browser; it's a URL. How can I make the link open in a browser, without the option of using Acrobat to view a URL?
The document was created in MS Word.
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In order to to that you will have to instruct your users to change a little setting in Acrobat.  After opeing Acrobat, go to File>Preferences>Web Capture Look for the "Open Weblinks" setting and change it to "In Web Browser".  Of course, given that all your users will have to go and do this, it might be easier to just leave things the way they are..

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If I remember correctly, when the dialog you mention comes up and you choose browser it stays that way.

I do not remember if there is a "remember this" or "do not show this again" sort of box that you have to check.

You can also do as Lobo suggests.

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I am glad I could be of help!

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