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Comparsion with Windows XP !

rajivraj asked

i have heard a lot abt Windows XP.... could anyone tell me where it fits in the Windows family?

Is it a next version to Windows 2000? Does it also have a Server and Client editions?

Please let me know your comments!

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WindowsXP is essentially an upgrade to Windows2000.  The important point is that there will be no upgrade to Windows Me so the split between consumer OS (Win95 onwards) and business OS (Windows NT onwards) will no longer exist....except....

There are currently 2 editions of Windows XP

Home Edition - aimed at consumers
Professional - aimed at business users

They are however based on the same core operating system (using the NT codebase) so we are one step closer to unification.

Server editions of XP have yet to be released.

I suggest you check http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/ for further information.


There are two family trees in Windows (not counting CE):

1) DOS -> Win3.1 -> Win95 -> Win98 -> WinME

2) NT3 -> NT4 -> Win2000 -> WinXP

Note that WinME is (supposedly) the END OF THE LINE for the DOS family.  XP is essentially Win2000 with an ugly (in my opinion) face.  Note that Windows XP Home (vs. Professional) is essentially Windows XP Pro with features REMOVED.  So it might be considered XP "lite".

Also winxp is a combined os of Win2k and WinME, so it's got win2k's stability, realiability and winme's hardware, software and multimedia support as well as gaming ability.
For your reference: -

There are two versions of Windows XP: - Professional and Home edition.

Windows XP Professional version is a combination of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me.

The trend is like that.

Windows Me >                    Windows Xp Home edition - Oct 2001
Windows 2000 Professional > Windows Xp Professional  Oct 2001
Windows 2000 Server > ( Windows Server 2002) > Windows .NET Server - Standard server edition  - early 2002
Windows 2000 Advanced Server > (Windows Advanced Server 2002) > Windows .NET Enterprise Server - early 2002  

Windows Xp and .NET Server will be the whole Windows package for home user and enterprise users in 2002.

Per my initial evaluation of WindowXp.

(1) WinXP is more compatible for multimedia than Win2000Pro.
     It has all the multimedia features provided in WinMe.
     Windows Media Player v7, Windows Movie Maker, internet games, Windows Messenger

(2) It has introduced the same System Restore function like WinMe with System Restore check points.

(3) Administration and security.
     - Administrative Tools in WinXp is still in the same design as Win2000Pro.
     - WinXP is far better than WinMe in security.
       The security settings like networking, file system encryption (encrypt file and folders), file sharing, users and administrators, all is much the same like Win2000pro but in a more user friendly interface.
       Group policy is still there like Win2000pro.

(4) Power management
     Power Options is similar in Win2000pro and support UPS.

(5) Desktop feature.
     Use 32bit color and 3D animation icons and display. You need to pull back a little bit in order to enjoy the 3D from  the classic 2D display in previous version of Windows.

(6) Accessibility.
     Narrator feature and on-screen Keyboard in Win2000pro are still engaged in the WinXP.
     But this is of course a new feature for users from Win98/WinMe stream.

(7) You have more flexibility to customize what programs running in the systray and toolbar.

(8) It has feature more concentrated on the Internet Connection Sharing with newer features like: -
     Internet Connect Sharing Firewall
     It supports broadband connection over PPPoE

(9) It has the feature of Remote Assistance for working on both machines which are WinXP stations so that it helps advanced users/administrators to solve computer problems with those less experienced remote users under security permission allowed.

(10) It has Program Compatibility Wizard which is more user friendly to customize the legacy programs so that they can be compatible to run in WinXp.

(11) It has the File and Folder transfer Wizard, it facilitates to save up the whole set document, emails and directory settings of users to another backup location. User can move it to other computer or reinstall to the same computer later.

(12) The backup is using Veritas and has imported the function of Scheduled backup.
                                       Windows Xp               Win2000pro               Windows Me
                                        Veritas 2001              Veritas 5.0               Seagate 4.0
       Scheduled backup                    YES                   YES                      NO  
       Automatic System Recovery       YES                   NO                       NO

Under the same hardware and clean software environment, WinXp has noticeabily faster than the Win2000pro.
Of course, you will be amused when compared with performance of WinMe.

Hope that you can enjoy a new journey in such a new emerging operating system.

Patricia / pslh


Thanx for all that... One last query!

The XP that is to be released this month is for Desktops, right! and nothing to upgrade for Windows 2000 Server. Am I right?
<nothing to upgrade for Windows 2000 Server. Am I right?>

If you've Window95, Windows98, WindowsMe and Windows2000 Professional, you can upgrade it to WindowsXP either Home or Professional edition.

But if you've Windows 2000 server or Windows 2000 Advanced server, you need to wait for early 2002 - the Windows .NET servers version but not Windows XP server version.

Now, Windows .NET server version is in Pre-beta3 as far as I knew.

Patricia / pslh


The trend chart by pslh and jhance are different... I had thot in line with wht pslh has said.....! me kinda confused!


But then a couple of others have said that with ME its the end of the DOS family..... So, if 2000 Home is an upgrade to ME, doesnt that mean the end hasnt come?

What I told you is what it is.

You can verify that by going to Microsoft MSCE examination center and VUE exam center for what criteria has been put by Microsoft for MSCE (window 2000) and MSCE (WindowsXP and .NET server).

As I read your profile, this may help you too.



Patricia / pslh

<But then a couple of others have said that with ME its the end of the DOS family.....>

In WindowMe, Microsoft has already put it in an architecture of eliminating the real dos mode during booting of the operating system. However, due to backward compatibility many people developed a shortcut method with patch to put back the real dos mode.
For those general users, in tackling problem in real dos mode, you should use the WinMe startup floppy to enter into the real dos mode or Command mode.

< So, if 2000 Home is an upgrade to ME, doesnt that mean the end hasnt come?>

The statement for the end of Win98/WinMe trend has been put in early/Mid 1999. At that moment, the introduction of Window 2000 has confused a lot of people. People kept asking if Windows 2000 was the upgrade of Win98SE. Then it came the WinMe. People knew it was not the Window 2000 upgrade version. People kept asking if there was any more advanced version of WinMe for home users. M$ said there was no longer any more advanced version of WinME as M$ put a lot of effort in developing the Win2000 and its version of Whistler (former version name of Windows XP) and said Whistler would be the future trend.

Later Whistler project has been split and renamed into WindowsXP and .NET version.

Now, it comes the time of release of Windows XP.

Windows XP has merged the advantages of WinMe (in enduser field and multimedia basis) and the advantages of Windows 2000 (in security and working/sharing platform).  

Therefore, don't stick too much on what people rumoured in previous dates but take and look what happened and what has been put up now.

Hope that you can get something from what I said.

Patricia / pslh

If you throw away all the bells and whistle(r)s and bundled applications that come with XP, you have an NT type kernel.  Although Me -> XP may be considered an upgrade path, the actual software evolution path is from Win2000 -> XP.


Marketing hype notwithstanding, Windows XP Home HAS NO RELATIONSHIP with Win98 or ME!  XP is derived from the NT/2000 product and actually is very little different.

The difference between XP Pro and XP Home has to do with feautures that MS considers "business" features and has disabled these in the Home version.

There is no "XP" server yet and MS has said that it will now be called Microsoft .NET Server and will be released early next year.

Quite interesting to know what windows version/(s) that you've experienced?

Where do you want to go?  



Actually my PM-project manager had asked me to find out more of XP since our company in a stratagic alliance with MS will port to XP.. We have a Orion java webserver with a MIS app in our ODC running on 2000 server. i had thot XP replaces 2000 server... Since it doesnt, i dont think we have any change to make....
rajivraj, Both WinXP pro and Home edition have Full retail version and upgrade version.

You may try to consider replace some Win98/WinMe or Win2Kpro workstations during this October to March of 2002.

You may contact your local MS and ask if you can get the beta version Windows .NET so that you can adjustify and prepare for the move in the coming future.

Here is more information about Windows .NET


rajivraj, Without email notification, I've finally identified this Q has been graded.


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