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Changing inbox/address box views at server level

Dawn_Bl asked

I recently applied the 5.08 upgrade to my Notes R5 system and it seems to have reset some changes to views that were set up (not by me)when we first installed Notes.

There are two specific problems... the first is everyone's inbox is now sorting oldest to newest when it was changed to sort the other way around. If I change at the client level it seems to be getting reset when the server is booted.

The second is personal and server based address books. Some of the views have changed to sort by first name and I can't seem to get the whole address book to display the other way.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
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Should be some problem related to "Retain View Column Sorting"

Check this link which may be a problem in 5.02 (Not related to you, just an Info)

And here is how you can set/reset that property



Hi Hemantha...

Thanks for the suggestions... the problem is that using the "retain view column sorting" is not working. It's still reseeting the views each time the Notes server is rebooted.


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