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DesignEditor.pas Delphi6

guitfatio asked
When I try to compile the DesignEditor.pas with D6, I get a message which tells me that the "proxies" unit is missing.

   What should I do?
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You'll either have to
1.find the Proxies unit (DCU or PAS) and make sure it is in the Delphi search path


2. Comment out the word Proxies from the USES section of DesignEditor.Pas.

Out of the two, number one is preferable.

Good luck!!

The Proxies unit is NOT included (as a DCU or PAS) in ANY version of Delphi 6.

The workaround is to use a package, adding the unit(s) you need to make up the package in the contains section, then adding a reference to designide.dcp in the requires section of the package. Then, all you need to do is hit the "compile" button and if it contains components for the palette, "install" as well...

Hope that helps!

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