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Hyperlink in Notes R5?

JPV asked
I'm a Notes R5 Developer--actually, a new developer.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a hyperlink in Lotus Domino Designer?

I'm planning to create a field called "Email". This field is editable, and should contain an e-mail
address. The address should then become underlined (as a hyperlink), which we can simply click, and
then automatically opens a New Memo with the e-mail address typed across the To: line.

Please respond to me if you can help. Thanks a million!!!!!
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Follow the steps

- Create a field called "EMail"
- Select the field and create "Action Hotspot" by clicking Create > Hotspot > Action Hotspot from the menu.
- In the hotspot formula window, give the following formula

Hope this should help you.

Remember, this works both in Notes client and Browser.

Good Luck.
- Sankar


Thank you so much for your help. It worked! If I could afford more points to give, I'd give you all. Thanks again and take care.

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