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DCR Ripper

kmartin7 asked
Is there a program that will extract the data from a DCR file? I have several DCR files that I have lost the source DIR files to. Any suggestions?

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there is a tool called DirOpener (Director Opener)

it can open a protected or shockwaved director file and export it to a .dir file again.

however, because the lingo code is compiled, the code is not accessable.  But all the media in the casts is available.

here's the url to download the program:




For some reason, it will not open my DCR files and convert to DIR files. The program runs, and says it outputs the file, but it does not create the file.

Any ideas?
1.  The program is actually a director projector, so if you put it in your director folder, it can use the xtras and work better.

2.  When you convert it, make sure you look for the output file in the location of the dcr file and the location of the program.  It should output in either one. I think you can choose where to output it in the options tab.

Also, I think it bears saying outright that no, there is no program that will magically resurrect your DCR files back to their original DIR state.  That's the nature of the conversion.  You can only get halfway there, as winwiz suggests.